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Runaway Lives

Runaway Lives
Runaway Lives are $10 each plus $2.50 for shipping and tax. To purchase books, please send a check for payment to Life With Smiles PO Box 81 Gainesville, GA 30503 or you may email
Dr. Smiley is the author of Runaway Lives: Overcoming Emotional Undercurrents. This powerful book is a must read for any person dealing with issues of self-worth, relationships and finding purpose in life.

Overcoming Emotional Undercurrents speaks to undercurrents which lead to emotional, evenphysical breakdowns – selfishness, worry, fear, envy, negativity,indecision, discontentment, impatience, temptation and busyness. Runaway Lives is a great small group or cell group study resource.

The topics covered by Runaway Lives will challenge your daily living and help you avoid a runaway life by identifying emotional undercurrents such as:

Chapter 1: Don’t open your umbrella until it starts raining
Worry can cause insomnia, fatigue and assorted ailments. Often, we worry unnecessarily over stuff that never happens.

Chapter7: When you are green with envy,you are ripe for trouble
Jealousy is an ugly word with overtones of selfishness, suspicion or distrust. Mistakenly called a “competitive spirit"? the Bible says it is much more harmful.

Chapter 8: The “I"? Infection
Unselfish living is a powerful tool a tour disposal. Open your hand and start giving. Open your heart and start living.

Chapter 11: Hurting on the Inside
Perhaps the most severe agony you may ever experience comes from what you cannot see – the hidden hurts caused by deep, distressing memories.Focus on the Healer, not the hurt. Allow God to settle the score. Take six steps to resolution.

Chapter 16: Nothing Jazzy about the Blues
Depression is a scourge originating in biological, psychological or genetic factors. Four simple renewals can help you lift your spirits.

Readers Respond

"I think of your book as 21st Century Proverbs. It points me toward practical and biblical resolutions to everyday life."

"I realized through your book how important I am to God."

"Many of the reasons you give for feeling out of control apply to me personally."

"This book was like a road map to recovery for me."

"This book gives logical reasons why lives spin out of control and practical steps to restore order and sanity to life."
Dr. Jerry Gill, Marriage and Family Therapist

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